About US

InFlightMedia was created, under the banner of AirshowUK,  by Iain and Wayne with a vision to launch a new website that would review air shows and other aviation events throughout the world.

We’ve already been covering airshows since 2015, when our reviews and images were featured on various social media forums. We have now made this our own venture and as well as this site, you can visit and interact with us on our social media pages on facebook and twitter.

Our team was delighted to welcome Jack Crompton into our ranks in 2019 and we look forward to covering all aspects of aviation as we move forward. This desire to broaden our scope led to us adopting our preset title during April 2019.

We are not professional photographers, we are just three aviation enthusiasts, who like to share their experiences with the world, hoping that we inspire others to do the same or attend an airshow.

We hope you enjoy our reviews and we are always keen for feedback, you can give us this via the contact us form.

Please Note that all articles and photographs are the property of the credited authors.

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