The End

And so it ends…..

By Wayne Bennett

Monday, 7th October 2019 marks the final day of aviation activity related to the Thomas Cook collapse, as the largest airlift the uk has participated in since the end of World War Two draws to a close.

Over the last two weeks an ad hoc fleet of airliners assembled from owners and operators all over the world has been returning Thomas Cook customers back home at the end of their holidays. Impressively over 90 per cent of holidaymakers have been flown home on, or adjacent to, their planned arrival date, minimising the inevitable impact that the closure of this 178 year company has brought about.

While the regular UK airlines such as Jet 2, easyJet and TUI all played their own part in the repatriation, here we present a selection of photographs of some of the other aircraft that were brought together to return passengers to Manchester Airport, where Thomas Cook had their largest presence and where their absence will be most felt.

To view images full screen, click the top right corner of the thumbnail.

It is with no small measure of irony that the tragic loss of this long established company with its iconic brand, and mainly the thousands of jobs they provided in the travel industry, has provided something of a two-week jamboree for plane spotters and aviation photographers like ourselves.

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