What Are We attending in 2019?

Volga Aviation Cruise – 1st to 9th of September 2019.

As a part of our on-going expansion in to the civilian market we have decided to join an extremely interesting and exciting tour in the Russian Federation. Between the 1st and 7th of September 2019 we will be attending the Volga Aviation Cruise, Flying on such types as the Antonov AN28, AN2, AN26, Yak 40 along with a rare selection of helicopters including the MI2, MI8 and the fascinating Kazan ANSAT. In addition, It just wouldn’t be an aviation cruise without staying on a boat for the duration of the tour!

Starting in Moscow on the 1st we will meet at the Northern River Port (12:00 Local Time) and board the N.A. Nekrasov, a river cruiser rebuilt in 2016 and renovated just last year prior to departing at 14:00 local time. During the first night a meal will be served for evening dinner in one of the two gorgeous restaurants, along with an introduction to the tour organisers. following this the night is free to the guests! With a panoramic lounge and large open deck areas, watching the magical sunset over the river Volga is just one of the many exquisite sights we will see over the course of the week.

Our second day will start with the approach into Uglich, a small, antique town on the banks of the river Volga, described as being “Cozy, Peaceful and quiet”, Uglich, home to around 35,000 people, was recently included in the “Golden ring of Russia”. Upon docking we will take a tour of the famous Uglich Hydropower Engineering Museum at around 14:00, learning all about the various historic and present forms of Hydropower engineering used in the Russian Federation through interactive activities. After this we will return to the ship for the remainder of the afternoon and evening eventually departing towards our third city of the event, Kostroma!

Our third day begins in the 12th Century city of Kostroma, which is where the beginning of the aviation side of the tour also begins. During the day two tours will run, a Aviation themed activity day and also a city tour, perfect for those wishing to bring family members who may not be interested in the aviation events. This really is an incredibly produced family orientated event! As part of the Aviation activities we will fly the Antonov AN26 of Kostroma Air Enterprise on a short joyride, the exquisite Kazan AMSAT helicopter and the classic Mil MI-2 for a period of 15 minutes each. The city tour includes a visit to the famous Kostroma State Drama Theatre and the Bogoyavlensky (Theophany) Convent of St. Anastasia amongst the other main tourist attractions.

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